Mid-Michigan Equine Services, PLLC

Providing quality veterinary care to the Mid-Michigan horse community.

Here are the prices on some of our most requested products and services.

Price List


Farm Call (to most locations)                                               $45

Emergency/After Hours Fee                                                 $90

          (with non-emergency visit in last 12 months)      $55

Coggins Test (new horse to the GVL system)                 $35

                          (repeat horse)                                                 $30

Health Certificate                                                                      $15



Eastern/Western/Tetanus/West Nile/Flu/Rhino              $61

Eastern/Western/Tetanus/West Nile                                    $42

Influenza/Rhinopneumonitis (EHV1&4)                          $35

Rabies                                                                                          $18

Potomac Horse Fever                                                              $29

Rabies/Potomac                                                                        $32

Strangles (Intranasal)                                                              $37


If you prefer to give your own vaccines please call for pricing, we try to stay competitive with most of the major catalogs.


Reproductive Services

Rectal Palpation                                                                        $20

Rectal Ultrasound                                                                    $45

    -follow-up ultrasounds                                                       $35

Artificial Insemination (fresh or cooled)                           $35

Embryo Flush/Transfer                                                           Call for pricing


Lameness Services

Lameness Exam                                                                        $30-90

Joint Injections                                                                          Price varies depending on joint(s) and                                                                                                       medications used

Radiographs (digital) -first image                                        $50

                                  -additional images                                 $35


We accept cash, check, all major credit cards, and CareCredit. Due to past complications we now have a strict NO BILLING policy.  All services must be paid for at that time.